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Closing Remark Speakers


Aaranee Sritharan

Aaranee is an undergraduate global health student specializing in health promotion and disease prevention. With a focus on human rights and humanitarian affairs, her goal to work with communities across the world who have been affected by armed conflict. She loves to talk and meet new people so come say hello!


Megan George

Megan George, a York University alumna with an honours degree in Biomedical Science, collaborates with leading scholars, Dr.Ahmad Firas Khalid and Dr. A.M. Viens, on pioneering Canada's inaugural Global Health World Health Assembly Simulation, aimed at empowering students to tackle complex global health challenges through practical learning experiences. Committed to global health equity, Megan actively engages in cutting-edge research at York University's Dahdaleh Institute for Global Health Research, focusing on hands-on learning and prestigious projects like World Health Assembly Conference simulations. She's now pursuing a Master's in Medical Science at the University of Toronto, with a keen interest in oncology research to drive
groundbreaking healthcare innovations to improve patient outcomes.

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