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Navigating Water Safety for Wellness and Ecosystem Health 

Water safety, sanitization, and access to clean water stand as pillars of paramount importance within the framework of One Health, underscoring the intricate interplay between human health, animal well-being, and environmental integrity on a global scale. The significance of these elements reaches beyond individual health, resonating with collective prosperity and sustainability. Clean water serves as a defense against the scourge of waterborne illnesses, safeguarding communities from diseases like cholera, typhoid, and gastrointestinal infections. Moreover, the broader ecological balance relies on the health of aquatic ecosystems nurtured by clean water sources. Agricultural productivity and global food security hinges upon reliable water supplies. Within the realm of One Health, the emphasis on water safety reverberates even further.

Committee D DIAS

For all Inquires Regarding Committee D Please Contact your Chair Radhika Jain at

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