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WHA SIM Sign-Up 

Are you interested in learning about global health issues, networking with future global health leaders, developing skills in collaboration, public speaking, debate, diplomacy, and policy writing?

If yes, please use the registration link below and pick what role suits you best!

Who can be a DIAS Member?

  • Must be a current York University student.

  • Must be committed to attending monthly mock simulations.

  • Prior WHA SIM/Model UN experience is an asset.

What do DIAS members do?

DIAS members oversee the responsibility of moderating discussions within the WHA SIM committee sessions.

Who can be a Participant?

The World Health Assembly Simulation welcomes York University students from ​​any discipline and year of study to participate in the simulation as a participant.

What do Participants do?

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in committee sessions as delegates/Non-State Actors and participate in all side-events.

Who can be an Observer?

The World Health Assembly Simulation welcomes all individuals to attend the simulation as an observer. 

 What do Observers do?

Observers will have the opportunity to attend all events from a viewer perspective and will be able to alternate between committee sessions.

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